Dr. Boyce Watkins  |  Welcome to the Financial Juneteenth Movement!

Welcome to the Financial Juneteenth Movement!


The Financial Juneteenth Movement is a coalition of African Americans who are enthusiastic about building black wealth.  We don’t buy into the culture of American excessive consumerism.  We believe in building black-owned businesses. We believe in educating our children and arming them with the information they need to be successful.  We believe in supporting one another. Please join the coalition below, and as a special gift, we will give you a FREE copy of Finance Professor Dr. Boyce Watkins’ best-selling book, “Black American Money.”

Dr Watkins, who has a PhD in Finance, is one of the world’s leading authorities on Financial Literacy.  In fact, over his 20 years of teaching Finance on college campuses, he’s taught hundreds of experts who are now running many of the leading financial institutions in the world. Sign up below, and the free book will be sent to your email address.  Also, as part of the Financial Juneteenth Movement, you will receive regular updates from FinancialJuneteenth.com, including articles from black Financial experts, news updates and fun, yet thoughtful ways to express the idea of building black wealth.

You will also receive exclusive offers on Financial Literacy courses, videos and other information that will help you in your journey toward economic freedom. Welcome to the movement.  The future belongs to you.