Dr. Boyce Watkins   |  Testimonials

Minister Louis Farrakhan

“I am highly impressed with your strength as a black man. You are truly extraordinary.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson

“You remind me of the great activist scholars who inspired me during college and we need more professors like you to continue the fight for economic and social justice in America.”

Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown University

“In addition to great athletes, Syracuse University must also possess brilliant scholars, with Dr.Boyce Watkins leading the pack”

Russell Simmons

“I read some bloggers, and one of the bloggers I respect is Dr. Boyce Watkins. He inspires thought. He usually is spot-on about black issues, and he’s no punk. He says what many blacks think but have no platform to say. He is quick to point out what he sees as injustice, and I love […]