Dr. Boyce Watkins   |  Dr. Boyce: U. Illinois Chicago Tells Farrakhan and I that We’re Not Welcome on Campus

Dr. Boyce: U. Illinois Chicago Tells Farrakhan and I that We’re Not Welcome on Campus


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

The other day, I was speaking to someone about the forum that I am holding with Min Louis Farrakhan on Wealth, Education, Family and Community.  The topic that came up is the depth of black male marginalization and how millions of talented black men are left on the fringes of our society.  I’m not just talking about felons or the men who didn’t go to school, I’m also talking about men with advanced degrees who still find that black male self-respect typically leads to punishment when working under the umbrella of your historical oppressor.

I told my friend about many of my hard-working colleagues in academia who are constantly being told that they are not good enough.  I talked about how, all too often, black pride is perceived as white hatred.   I also spoke about how even the mild task of getting together with Min. Farrakhan to discuss the principles of wealth, education, family and community could be seen as threatening to people who are accustomed to black people waiting for liberals to give them a handout.  In most American institutions, black males have difficulty standing tall when they are placed in rooms with ceilings that are only four feet high, so in order to get a chance to become real men, some of us have to walk outside the building.

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